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3 MB 공유 L3 캐시 1.7 듀얼-코어 Intel 프로세서 (Turbo Boost 최대 2.6 GHz).

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Screen replacment Model A1370

Will a macbook air 11 inch model A1465 screen fit on a macbook air 11 inch model A1370?

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2010-2012 (A1370 for 2010-2011 and A1465 for 2012) screen assemblies are cross compatible with each other, 2013-2015 (A1465) screen assemblies are cross compatible. You will need a 2010-2012 screen if your model is a 2012 model.

The LCD panels work across all models if you are just replacing this rather than the whole lid, the only difference between earlier and late models are the camera cable length, WiFi cable length and LCD cable type (earlier are gold, later silver, but both interchangeable).

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