Who could repair the antenna cables for my M.2 Wifi card?

Hey, I was replacing the M.2 SSD in my laptop the other day, and in order to remove the motherboard from the case and access the "back" side (where the M.2 drive is inserted), I had to disconnect the antenna cables from the M.2 Wifi card.

In the process of re-assembling the laptop, the connector for one of the antenna cables pulled off from the wire. The M.2 Wifi card has been acting up since, and after attempting to fix things a few times on my own, the card itself isn't even being recognized by Windows anymore. It shows up as a Bluetooth adapter (but can't pair with my mouse), it doesn't show up as a Wifi adapter.

The antenna cables are more-or-less part of the laptop, they're soldered onto copper contacts that are part of the chassis (in the monitor hinge's housing), so I don't really see any way for me to "swap" the cables without doing a lot of soldering and routing or just straight-up splicing a new cable/connector onto the antenna cables.

Obviously, this is out of the scope of my skillset and tools, and I'm trying to take this laptop with me on my travels at the end of the month. I need help repairing this, and I'm fairly sure I'm outside of my warranty with MSI. I'm going to be calling them Monday when their offices are open, but I'm not too hopeful that I'll receive any help from them.

Is there anywhere I could send this laptop off to be repaired?

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@zovc post some pictures of the damage with your question. That way we can see what you see. Use this guide 기존 질문에 이미지 추가하기 for that

The laptop is currently closed, I'm using a USB wireless adapter so I can actually have access to a computer. The damage is honestly not all that visible and I promise pictures would not help.

The cables are damaged and do not work anymore, and need to be replaced. Can you help me find an expert who can replace the tiny coaxial cables that are used on M.2 wifi cards?

@zovc not sure where you are located but you could contact @refectio and/or @tcrs_circuit Both are experts in microsoldering one in the US and one in Canada. See what they suggest.

Thanks @oldturkey03 , Usually don't do non macbooks but as long as the parts are available I could take a look

Thank you @tcrs_circuit, I sent you an email at service@tcrscircuit.repair.com. Hopefully you can help me out, I'm kind of in a bind because of my situation!

I tried to include as much information and also tried to source some parts in the email.

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