Is the logic board broken?

A couple days ago, my MacBook started this behavior, the charging light is bright green but it's drawing power from the battery. System report shows -700 or -1000 mA battery amperage when AC is connected and the charging light stays bright green.

The battery was newly replaced, only 5 cycles. And it powers the MacBook for hours when AC is not connected. When the battery was detached, the MacBook won't turn on from AC power (which it should, and run on degraded CPU performance).

I assumed it's a problem with the AC adapter. I ordered a new one and it didn't solve the problem.

I then ordered the MagSafe DC-in board. It took a couple days to arrive and the MacBook was left untouched. I replaced the DC-in board, and tried to turn it on. The MacBook powers on successfully without the battery. I then plugged in the battery and the charging light turned orange. It looks okay and I screwed everything back in place.

However, the next day, the same behavior came back. It won't draw power from AC. The battery is discharging when AC is present. And it only charged up to 90%, but not any further.

What conclusion can you draw? The logic board is broken?

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