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Is it possible to replace the rear speaker connector on logic board?

Hi group, I had to replace the mag connector on a Macbook, I got that done but I broke the solder joint on the rear speaker. I bought a 12 watt soldering iron and gave it a shot but I had too much solder, the connector (metal on the female part is gone) so I want to know if I can buy the connector and try to solder again.

Thanks David

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Take the logic board to an old old repair guy with component level soldering skills and give him $10-$15 to fix it for you. Have it in a static proof bag. It doesn't even have to be a Mac guy.

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Great answer!!

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Hi I understand that part but I cannot figure out how to buy a replacement connector the old one the pin is not visible, thus nothing to solder to.

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the old guy will have some type of connector

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