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The Sony Vaio PCG-7184L is part of the VGN-NW series, which was released in 2009 and comes in various colors. The laptop has a 15.5” (1366x768 resolution) display with an built-in webcam and a compact ten-keyless keyboard.

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I am trying to reset the laptop without a disk but everytime it gets

i am trying to reset the laptop without the disk and everytime it gets started to reset it shuts down

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It may be that there are faulty or corrupted files in the recovery partition.

What OS is installed?

If you have Win 10 you can create a Win 10 USB recovery drive from any known working Win 10 computer.

All you need is a 8GB flashdrive and 40-60 minutes of time.

In the 'host' computer, go to Control Panel > Recovery and find the link to create a USB recovery drive.

Once you have the Recovery drive, insert it into the laptop and start the laptop and press F11 and select the USB port as 1st boot option . Restart the laptop and it should boot from the USB.

Select the Reset the PC option. This will reinstall Win 10. It will also erase all your data that is in the laptop

If it doesn't boot from the USB then start laptop and press F2 to go into the BIOS menu area. Find and enable either Legacy USB or CSM option (not sure re your laptop which one is there). Save changes and restart the laptop. It should now boot from the USB drive.

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