help diode reading problem

@oldturkey03 , this lg tv i have has a diode reading in both directions, when i take the diode out the solder pads are doing the same thing so im guessing its not the diode, the standby light comes on but when i try to turn it on the light flashes twice and goes out. is there any part in particular i should check as the caps seem to be fine

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the big problem with just reading the diode, without understanding the entirety of the circuit, is that when its used to stablize a signal, it can cause confusion. Some nodes have multiple components that allow current to travel in various directions. when youre measuring a Diode, you need to isolate the component into a breadboard, and connect it to a resitance. then put current through it. this will allow you to know if the component is failing.

if the circuit itself is allowing the current to travel without the component in, then that implies one of two things. the circuit has a short on that node somewhere else, OR The circuit is supposed to function in that manner.

Unfortunately youre likely experiencing a failure code, which means all manuals will tell you to resort to sending it in to be looked at. i dont have personal documentation on these codes, so i cant help. but someone with more experience with these models may be able to help in that sense.

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@djdannyrock what model is this and what board and location is it from? you know pictures are worth a 1000 words ;-)

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yea @oldturkey03 il check tomorrow as beers in brain cells out atm.

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:-) sounds good. Stay safe....

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