Wifi: No Harware Installed

I purchased a laptop off ebay knowing that it had wifi issues. At the same time I purchased a used wifi/bluetooth card off ebay just in case I needed it. When I opened it up I noticed the wifi cable was broken, so I went on their and purchased one of those as well.

I replaced both the card and the cable, but the computer still shows that No Hardware is installed. I then reset the NVRAM and SMC with no luck. I stuck now and can't figure out for the life of me what the problem is.

I'm also stuck out of the computer now as well since I wiped the hardrive and tried to reinstall OSX. But when I get to the Lion install screen, it says that Apple needs to verify that can down download and install the software. I hit continue and I get a prompt that says An Error Occured While Preparing The Installation. I've tried multiple times now to get past this screen with no luck.

Please help

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Hi @thundercatz perhaps you can try replacing the WLAN card and see if it works.

Check on the cables, and connectors too.

For the OS installation, check if the date and time is correct, also if it fails, consider downloading the bootable usb OS, e.g. el capitan, etc for your OS installation.

Updated the time and date fixed the issue with installing OSX.

Looking at the motherboard I did find the wifi/bluetooth connector on the motherboard was fried...

Thanks for the help!

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