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Upgrade my GE62VR RF screen

Hi there,

I bough 2 years ago my MSI GE62VR 6RF Apache Pro laptop, it had a nice config with a GTX 1060 a core i7, an SSD and 16Gb of RAM but there's one drawback to this ... The screen.

It is a nice one but there's a big problem: It's a 60Hz locked one... 60 FPS gaming is nice but my hardware is good enough to go beyond it so as the next laptops got a 120Hz screen, I'd like to know if its possible to buy a 120Hz 15.6" screen from the new MSI laptops and replace my 60Hz one.

Can someone please help me ?

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bave the same problem here ,stuck at 60 fps most of games

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or there is a another fix for thr capped 60 fps ?

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No there isn't... Screens have a default frequency that is limited by the screen itself. That's why you see some 75/120/144hz type of displays. This laptop has a 60hz screen so you can't override this limitation without having some tearing issues ... That's why you should lock your games at 60FPS by turning on your vertical synchronisation. You can still try to get a higher framerate but you'll see your screen's limits as soon as you'll get beyond 70FPS...

That is the point of this topic... Know if we can change the screen with a better one to don't end up limited by our screen

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Short answer is yes, I just did mine a couple of days ago. The screen I link worked on my dell G7 7588 and it is compatible with most MSI 15.6 FHD LCD laptops that have a 30 pin connector. I will also link the step by step directions in a youtube video, good luck.

Link for purchasing screen from amazon:

Youtube Video on How to replace the screen:

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US$100 이상 또는 Pro Tech Toolkit을 포함한 모든 주문의 배송은 무료입니다!

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i also saw the video and i found this to be compatible with my ge62vr 7rf . ordering soon

this one is the 120hz ips panel which is better than the ones in the ge63vr which are 120hz tn panel

this is the video for replacing the screen

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Thank you so much !!! :D

I saw this screen replacement video too and couldn't find a compatible screen.

Thank you very much for all this and tell me when you'll have your screen replaced ^^

Have a nice day and thank you for everything :3

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Up, I saw this video from Linus tech tips recently ( ) and I’m still interested by this screen replacement. Do someone know if that’s possible to put a 120Hz screen instead of the 60Hz default one ?

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