The Nook HD+ (BNTV600) is a 9" tablet from Barnes and Noble.

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Why does my Nook HD+ jump around

Hi - My Nook HD jumps jiggles and skips pages.

Thanks for your help

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this is a problem known around our stores as "Ghosting." essentially, it is thinking someone is pressing the screen when its not.

this is usually caused by one of three possible issues. in order of likelyhood, they are;

1) A short in the touch circuit. (most common, and replacing the digitizer/touch panel is the way to fix this)

2) A connector problem. Always try disconnecting and cleanning the connectors first, as it could be a dust/debris causing it. If cleaning does not work, try replacement connector.

3) Touch Control IC failure. Board level chipset issues. you will need to solder a new IC onto the board to fix this problem

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Hi, Mine has the same problem. I turned it off to wait for a better time to fix it. 7 months passed when I finally could get to try and fixt it. To my surprise the Nook HD+ turned on after all this time sitting in my closet unplugged!. I proceeded to charge it and worked OK for one day. After that the "Ghosting" problem returned.

I tried a trick that seemed to help: once the tablet is on, press and release the power and the home home buttons alternatively until the response seems fast enough to feel the tablet is working ok.

This (kind of) took care of the problem in a way that let me run the debug tests built in (Config, > Device Info > while pressing the right sound volume touch the space right beneath the "Settings" title and a secret menu should appear.

I then could test the touchscreen and sure enough it is faulty int eh upper right side of the screen.

Before I open the tablet to clean the connector I'm looking around for more posible, non-invasive solutions.

Thanks for the ones posted.

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the only other possible solution would be a factory reset. Wipe all of your personal data off of it with a factory reset, and hope that it is a bug in the software. this OCCASIONALLY fixes problems like these, but is very rare.

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Sadly, the factory reset didn't work. The problem remains. It is a hardware failure. So I just got me a new cell phone charger.

Thanks for your input.

This post has been very helpful to me.

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I have 3 refurbed Nook HD+ units that I had bought for cheap several years ago. One I've used for years and about a year ago it started ghosting. I couldn't find anything online at the time so I shelved it. A couple of months ago I started using it again with no problems but just like what someone else posted, they came back. I rooted it to see if it would help. Nope.

So I pulled one of the others off the shelf and rooted it. It worked fine for about 2 weeks and now it's ghosting. I'll try what somebody else said and reseat the dogitizer connector but have little faith it will work.

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A note re rooting. Since BN has ceased updates for these tablets, they are becoming increasingly difficult to use. Many things in Play store won't install because the Nook OS is too old and now incompatible. There's 2 excellent pages out there by a guy who takes you by the hand and shows you how to root an HD and in the other page an HD+. (I've got several HD units too, one of which just shows a red screen.) Of the two HD and two HD+ units I rooted, all are verrrrry slow running Android 7. (There's another page that roots to Android 5 but I wanted to go for broke.) Anyway, despite the slow performance I'd still upgrade. Don't run more than 1-2 aps at a time. When the HD+ units are not ghosting, they run Prime just fine and play movies fine. Running the browser is OK but killing/opening tabs and page loads are slow. But aps load from Play just fine now. Same fot the HD units.

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