always SIM Card Removed


I found the below error message always.

SIM card removed. The mobile network will be unavailable until you reset with a valid SIM card inserted. RESTART "

When I press restart it will work again for a while but then goes off again - typically about 10 times a day. Sometimes I have to restart twice to get it going. I have taken out the SIM & cleaned it but it makes no difference.

Any ideas as to what I can do?

best regards

Girma G.

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just to Add

Mobile mark =====LG flex

Model#========= D958

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Perhaps check for updates?

And have you tried using the sim card in another phone (or device that supports it)?

If that doesn't help, try a force reboot with and without the sim card inserted.

Note, only insert or eject the sim card when the device is powered OFF!

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sorry for my bad English and many thanks for your valuable comment, but i tried all the above recommended solution but no difference. sometime the network is OK during using internet like Facebook, Viber and other social media. but after a certain minutes, the network is lost and again and again restart the phone. please help me if you have any other solution

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