Larger version of the Nintendo DSi, released March 2010 in North America. Most repairs are accomplished with only a screwdriver and prying tools.

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Dropped water on this dsi xl, does not charge, led blinks!

Hello there, this Xl is not charging, the led blinks and goes off.

It is working fine with a charged batery from another XL, and, both f1 and f2 fuses are good.

I cleaned whole board, both sides, let it heat at the sun to dry it up, and all caps / res banks are looking good too.

Any ideas?

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Fist off you are going to need to replace the battery that was exposed to water. Liquid kills those batteries. Secondly, I am somewhat confused when you say it is working fine with a charged battery from another xl. Did you try charging that battery in the problematic DSi xl? If so please tell me what the lights were doing? I would try cleaning the board again with alcohol and a brush. I would also look at the wires where they go into the battery connector. Please read Carrie's comments here:Charge indicator blinking orange, will not power up

On a DSi the orange charging light blinking indicates improper voltage/current. It can be the sign of a bad battery, improper battery, one not seated properly and/or if one or more of the battery contacts on the system came out of it's housing. I have been repairing and selling Nintendo hand held game systems for 3 years. Since you are telling me the fuses are all good you need to look for a problem with the battery connector.

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Morenomdz, I would think that by your question you have already answered it all by yourself. If it works "fine with a charged battery from another xL' then just go ahead and get a new battery for this one. Obviously the water destroyed your battery and needs to be replaced. Unless, of course, there are other issues that you have not yet addressed with your question. Good Luck..

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Well i think you should try putting it in a bag of rice and don't but it in the sun because that will damage it even more!

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