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Sony M-430 Microcassette-Corder can record and play back audio. The one-touch recording and two-speed record/playback and automatic shut-off makes this ideal for on the go recording. Model number M430.

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How to learn about Electronics

I stumbled upon this site while searching for a circuit board and components diagrams for a SONY cassette recorder. Yes, the old kind!

My son wants to learn about electronics and how things work. He spent all evening yesterday tearing down 2 tape recorders, an old radio and his game controllers. He can reassemble everything by himself, but he doesn’t know the names and functions of each part.

He wants to learn about all the parts, their names and what each part does.

Can anyone give us some suggestions for those sources?

He is interested in robotics, solar and alternative energy and wants to build a solar car.

Which site(s) have thorough training, tutorials and plans to learn about electronics and building your own gadgets?

I would like to be able to search for a specific gadget and find a diagram with each part labeled.

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Your son sounds like a budding engineer :) Depending on how old he is, he may enjoy Elenco snap circuit kits. They are hands on and do a decent job demonstrating basic electromechanical concepts.

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I second the Elenco kits...a bit pricey but very cool.

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There are tons of great resources...choosing is the hardest part. For someone who wants to understand electronics from a beginner's perspective, I recommend youtube channels such as Afrotechmods and AddOhms. The grandaddy of them all is the EEVBlog. Some of his videos are quite advanced but he does a lot of teardowns and equipment tests. And, as your son gets more advanced, he will appreciate the more advanced theory.

He'll also want to peruse sites like Adafruit and Sparkfun Electronics.

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