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iPhone 7 speaker icon greyed out

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Speaker icon Greyed out.

What gives? did the update, it worked then quit again.

Speaker plays but when you speak into it, it won't work.

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I took the phone to Apple and it was out of warranty. APPLE is aware of this issue. They said that the updates has unintentionally disabled the hardware and on certain models on IPHONE 7 (not plus). just regular 7's will come across this issue. They will run the check and it will tell them it was caused by the update. I love it when the diagnostics sides with me and not apple.

My 7 plus came across this problem & they replaced my out of warranty phone

Do I tell them about it and they’ll replace it????

I took my phone to an Apple store that they said that Apple is aware of this issue but they cannot do anything for me and I should buy a new phone!

Do you know if Apple has released a new update to resolve this?

I am having the same issues. My warranty is out and would like to know more details if anyone has any.

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It's an issue caused by a bad connection on the audio IC chip, the chip will need to be replaced which can only be done by someone that has micro-soldering experience.

You may be able to find someone locally in your area that does board-level repairs for iPhones.

Update (for microsolderers): The audio IC issue is caused by a bad connection on some solder points / pads on the logic board on the right hand side.

Reballing the chip can fix the issue but replacing the chip, reinforcing weak solder pads and use of jumper wires for broken pads on the logic board is a better option.

Edit: Updating answer to explain the audio IC issue

Here is more information about the audio IC fault on iPhone 7 in detail via YouTube video:


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so another words he needs another phone.

Yes, this is a very common issue on the iPhone 7 that usually happens after dropping the phone multiple times.

Can I get the part and replace it?

Yes, if you have the tools (hot-air rework station, soldering iron etc which can cost as much as a new phone) and micro soldering experience otherwise it's better to take it to someone that does have experience.

I had this same issue but it was kind of on and off. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. Apple didn't want to replace it so I shipped it to Fixstop and their experts fixed it pretty quickly.

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Hello all

This is crazy but this solution worked for me…

Pressing hard on the screen while starting the phone. Amazing, £500 phones but unreliable


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How long did it stay working? Only worked for a few secs for me

It worked for me. Even tried regular restart afterwards and it is still working. Hopefully this lasts.

This actually worked for me

worked for me too !! any ideas why ?

This dude is a hero.

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This is the common iPhone 7/7+ audio ic issue. The good news is that this problem IS REPAIRABLE.

The independent repair community has fixed thousands of these cases and we now know exactly what the specific defect is now. The C12 pad for the master clock line of the audio ic chip on the logic board gets stretched/lifted/pulled/weakened simply from normal use of the phone. This is a very similar problem to the iPhone 6 plus touch disease. Both defects share the same underlying biology—-the iPhone logic board is screwed down into a relatively flexible/bendy housing and this causes the logic board to experience flexion forces that it can’t handle. (Similar in concept to bending a paper clip back and forth a few dozen times.) In similarly sized Samsung devices, the logic board “floats” in the housing and is not subjected to these same forces.

The repair is to desolder the audio ic, add a thin wire to enhance the connection of the C12 pad to the master clock line, reball the audio ic and resolder it the board. With the microjumper in place, the phone becomes immunized against the recurrence of this classic problem in the future.

We have trained hundreds of microsoldering students in the US and Internationally, so people will have an increasingly good chance of being able to find a local logic board repair expert that can fix their iPhone 7 audio issue since the manufacturer never will. If you can’t find a local microsolderer, then there is always mail in repair.

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Exactly.! I sent my iphone 7 Plus to a firm in Fla. that does the solder work. 49.95(via ebay) They repaired it, sent me a short video of it working and paid the shipping to return.! Apple sucks at their support for this issue. I will not buy another iphone due to this event.

audio ic repair for $49.95--ouch. That is too cheap--seriously. Doing an audio ic repair on an iPhone 7 is pretty serious microsoldering since the chip sits directly on top of the delicate baseband CPU. I would expect the competent shops that offer lifetime warranty and put their best effort into every phone to price this job in the $100-150 range. A $50 guy will be someone with low quality equipment who will take a shot at it and if they overheat your CPU and kill your phone then...'sorry bro, it didn't work out' and I doubt they'd run the microjumper to cure the underlying defect so the chance of recurrence is high.

Be careful of eBay motherboard surgeons. iPhone 7 audio ic is a very solvable problem, but it is toward the top of the list of technically challenging microsoldering repairs--it's a surgery!

....just to say the 49.95 repair job from Fla. workshop....phone STILL working great!

Congratulations. You are lucky. We probably get between 5-10 emails a week "I sent my audio ic job to some guy on eBay and now my phone won't boot"

There is no right answer on what service to use for your repairs. If you are risk tolerant then go ahead and roll the dice on cheap guy on eBay.

It is kind of crappy though---these guys that undercut the microsoldering community are industry leeches. The countless hours of research and experimentation that go into elucidating the cause of these problems are freely shared by the craftsmen of the microsoldering trade. We publish this information in the name of academic goodwill to help each other to be able to offer local microsoldering service to regional end users like yourself. When you support a guy on eBay who simply takes from the community without adding to it, and undercuts the fair rate that benefits both the end consumer as well as the technician, then you become one cog in a machine that will ultimately lead to the destruction of the academic goodwill and foster the exact kind of competitive bs that lead to problems like this in the first place. Food for thought.

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How I fixed this without sending it to have audio ic done I remembered iPhone 4 had a problem with audio chip and you had to put something on top of chip and put the lid back on to hold the chip down which worked a charm all I did on iPhone 7 was take logic board out locate the chip but don’t take the black tape that covers it off just rub it ware the chip is so you get the outline in the black tape then I used the card from cigarettes papers I cut a strip exactly the same size then folded it 3 or 4 times the same size as the chip I used double sided tape to stick it on top of the outline on the black tape put the board back in put all the standoff screws back in attach screen a test before fully putting back together my phone is still working well with just that bit of pressure

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This is actual quite genius. Gonna give it a try

dude i cannot believe this actually worked! lol

Oh no---this is a phone killer. We are constantly fishing out "shim solutions" such as sim cards, pieces of playing cards, rolled up duct tape even used chewing gum from iPhone logic boards. You can get a sticky note that falls off the fridge and lands in cat hair to stick to the fridge again--it just doesn't last very long. In the case of all these shim solutions you just end up transferring the flexion point elsewhere in the board and breaking another spot. Just stop by your local microsolderer. Fixing the problem in a way that it wont recur is cheaper than a screen change.

how long did it last til it started acting up again?

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Apple is aware of this problem. If you take it to them they should attempt to fix it or replace your iphone for free.

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Apple doesn't fix anything. They aren't smart enough for that and only replace things.

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Guys I figured out how to fix your phone without buying a new one. I have the iPhone 7 Plus and suffered from the speaker screen being frayed out, I was able to make and revive calls but couldn’t here who was calling and they couldn’t here me.

i went to the repair store they told me my audio jack was broken and I’d need a new phone.

So I stumbled upon this fix….

sign out of your Apple account, reset your phones settings under General system. Then sign back into you Apple account.

my phone worked immediately after this, let me know if this works for you!

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Hi Corey,

Which reset settings did you do? I only did network settings and it didn't worked.

for me it worked for 10 minutes

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Got a replaced phone by Apple with no charge, after speaking with a customer relations agent on the phone. Thanks to a consumer protection law in my province (Quebec) that extends the manufacturing warranty.

The think is this law would work a few months more after the actual expiration of the warranty. In my case I had warranty from Apple for 2 years and this hardware malfunction happened 4 months later of the warranty expiration. So, consumer protection law was in effect otherwise I would had to buy a new phone with a some discount or not.

You should check if there are any consumer protection law applicable in your province/ state, it may help you safe money!

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I think its temprorary solution

Issue will reappear in 1 hour later max.

For me also problem solved but reappear back in 10 minutes later

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I’m thinking you might be right...

I’m already getting the staticky sound coming back again slowly, that’s how it started

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Guys this issue was intentional. Apple is at fault, we can stop this:


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I have the same problem unfortunately. The most annoying that it went down week after warranty expired and I was proposed to purchase new phone with “discount”. It seems that the problem started even before - sometimes it was possible to conduct a call only after the 4th attempt to be heard. As this was not occasionally - the problem was considered as carrier issue. Only now Apple service confirmed that these were phone issues unfortunately as the warranty expired they cannot help despite provide the new phone for better price. But the problem started before it expired!!!!

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Like the problems in iPhone 6 plus touch issues that is also one of the common problem that shows is iPhone 7 series phones.Mostly that problem causes deu to the track burnt or broken pin under audio IC.This is no dought the hardware issues that can be fixed.

@jessabethany the great inspire to cellphone repair by seeing her videos i also solved a lot of phones on that problem.


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Another thing that can be tried is e going to the general setting click reset and click reset all setting because that’s how I fixed my problem

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My gf had this problem, everything indicated that it was a hardware problem - Voice recording wouldn’t work, would drop calls the moment the other person would pick it up etc..

Some time has passed while she used her AirPods for phone calls avoiding the immediate repair.

She could also no longer login using appleid, but everything else worked.

iOS 12.4.1 was released she updated, everything the same.

Another week has passed and then a major problem occurred - she could no longer use iMessage.

She couldn’t call nor could she write, so this was a deal breaker and she asked me for help.

I’ve made I backup on iTunes (just in case) then “Erased settings and contents”.

Restore from iTunes backup failed.

Setting it up as new iPhone worked for iMessage, but she needed info that was still on the Cloud.

So we restored to the latest iCloud backup. Situation was pretty much the same.

Appleid (icloud) login would work for a brief moment then break in case of iMessage.

I thought about restoring to an older backup, but just for the sake of it I decided to try “Reset network settings” before trying that older backup… and it WORKED!

Not only is she able to login to iCloud/iMessage by her appleid but the SPEAKER IS NO LONGER GREYED OUT.

What looked like an expensive hardware failure was actually, a bug in network settings that perhaps could be fixed in the recent iOS version by simple “Reset network settings”.

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I’d like to see how long this solution works for you Ranza. I also want to see if this is a solution for others having the issue.

Yeah it definitely didn’t work and I see others saying that a few hours later, it went back to the problem.

Resetting network settings worked for me. Not sure how long it will last. I’ll report back if it stops working. This issue started for me right after upgrading to 12.4.2.

Back to not working. This seems like a software problem since it worked for a little while.

Hi Guys

I really did not have to go back to the istore , this worked for me by resetting all networks . lets see for how long

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Had the same problem with my iPhone 7 for five days it was getting really annoying not hearing anyone calling me. I had a T-Mobile retailer look at it. He didn’t say much said it might be a hardware problem. I thought I’d give it a try to fix it myself. So, First I deleted all my saved Bluetooth. Then, I updated my phone to the newest one. (I believe my previous update is what caused the speaker to be grayed out while on the phone) With the update and restarting it, my phone is back to normal and working great!!! Can’t believe it worked!

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Thank youuuuuuuu so much !! It worked for me toooo !!!

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Power off your Iphone (hold the button on the right side) then power it on. Do this 5 times in a row.

it absolutely works and I read in the other thread 4 or 5 others confirmed it worked for them.

update: After an hour the issue came back. I then pushed hard on the screen during power up…it now works again. Let’s see if it lasts

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