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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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Is there a larger battery since I have a lot of space with new microSD

Hi all,

I'm replacing the 80 GB HDD with a board that can hold 4 microSD cards. The board will fit into a 30 GB iPod, which means I have a lot of space available in the 80 GB device. I was wondering if I could get a battery that is larger than the one that is in the device to fill the space and give it a nice boost for longer times between charges.

Is there such a battery out there?



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Hi @chris_rup,

The problem might be to get a battery with the appropriate connector to fit the existing battery connector on the board.

Measure and write down the height then the width then the length of the available space all in mm e.g. a space of 5 mm H x 62 mm W x 75 mm L would be written as 506275. The convention is that there is always a decimal point between the first 2 digits (which is always the height or depth) so it is actually 5.0 x 62 x 75 (if the space is wider or longer than 99 mm obviously it would be 3 digits for the number).

Search places such as Ebay and AliExpress for a (insert dimension number) 3.7V LiPo battery and look for the one nearest the size you want, which has the greatest capacity (mAH - milli Ampere Hour). (I’m assuming that it requires a 3.7V battery for correct operation)

Make sure that the battery that you select is either exactly the correct size or slightly under, especially in height, as you want to be able to close the iPod case.

Hopefully this makes a bit of sense.

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