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2017년 11월 4일 출시. A1865, A1901. GSM 또는 CDMA / 64 또는 256 GB / 은색 또는 스페이스 그레이. ("iPhone 10"으로 발음합니다.)

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iPhone X Error 4013


So I dropped my iPhone X on the floor!

Fortunately, neither the back nor the front glas has cracked.

But the phones does face another problem since then.

Shortly after the drop it shut down completely.

When I tried to turn it on again, the iTunes Symbol appeared.

When I tried to restore it, error 4013 appeared.

Of course I tried everything that is mentioned in divers troubleshooting guides like changing the USB port, changing the cable etc.

Of course I also tried the whole restore procedure in DFU mode and so on.

So please does someone know a REAL solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance

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Worked for me as well!!! Thanks

Bro, you mean more than money to me now!!!

If the Apple logo during the start keeps coming off and on constantly, the short answer is, you probably cannot do anything about it, because it is likely the mainboard issue. You are stuck with a motherboard replacement cost of about $750 CAD (I'm Canadian) as Apple doesn't take ownership when its devices fail after the warranty period.

I had had an issue with my MacBook Pro 2015 too, the anti-glare coat was pretty much melted on the monitor due to a manufacturing error. When I took my MacBook, I was told that they cannot do anything, because I didn't bring it during the recall for a free replacement. I had listened to the same song by then, the song's name is: It's Apple's Company Policy for its lemon products. I later learned that it was called "Staingate".

It's so disappointing that Apple doesn't take ownership of its poor-quality electronics and there is no credibility. Wishing all the best of luck to all current and future Apple users, as you folks have a very frustrating and expensive route ahead.

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had the same issue and unplugging earspeaker cable did solve it. however it bootloops when plugging back in but boots to os if unplugged. any suggestions?

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Hello, how did you solve this? I have the same problem.

Have you found a solution to this problem? I also have the same problem after fix weater damage, I disconnect the earspeaker and it works fine even though the face id say "Face ID Is Not Available Try setting up Face ID later" also the proximity sensor didn't work too. But when I connect it if I have to restart the phone the bootloops come again

replacing the ear speaker usually fixes the issue. For $5, it's a simple fix.

Just the that piece? on iPhone x?

Yes, but then FaceID won't work anymore?

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So to be honest I totally gave up on this issue and accepted the fact that all my photos are lost.

But as a last possibility I opened up the phone, disconnected the sensor/earpiece flex cable and connected the phone to my Mac.

Again iTunes told me that the phone had to be restored/updated in order to work again.

So I hit the "Update" button and


it successfully installed iOS 11.4 and my phone came back to life.

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I have been trying to resolve this error for 2 months and it updated without the earpiece flex cable plugged into the logic board. Why? I have no idea. Thank you for posting this.

I had the same problem and I solved it with the same procedure, but I didn't understand if it's flat broken or if the problem is on the motherboard. thanks

Did the same thing and the iPhone finally started working . But I did a test and turned off the phone and again it would get past the apple logo so I once again just disconnected the flex cable and it immediately worked and went to the lock screen. Then a second thing happen i started getting green Vertical lines don’t know if I should buy a new screen?

Great. This really worked. But, will it be solved if I replace the Earpiece? If someone did that and worked, please let me know. Thanks

I just wanted to comment and say that this worked for me 100%. My phone was in a boot loop and was giving me the 4013 error when I tried to Update and Restore on my computer. All efforts to get my phone up and running - including trying various cables, computers, and taking the phone to the Apple store - resulted in that 4013 error. I was told by Apple techs that this was a logic board issue that was irreparable. I found this solution and disconnected the earpiece speaker and front sensor assembly cable. It worked like a charm.

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Sounds like the phone got a good concussion ;-{

So your logic board has either suffered a solder fracture on one or more of the solder joints or a component has failed from the shock.

This will need someone with micro soldering expertise and access to the schematics and board layout drawings. It also maybe beyond that as the complexity of this logic board layout makes it almost not repairable as you can see in the IFIXIT teardown here: iPhone X 분해도 jump to Step 9 for more on the complexity of the logic board layout.

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The X will be a beast to repair but check this out...the Chinese have developed a jig that allows you to re-assemble the sandwich for testing purposes. Very smart!

@refectio - Great find! The voice sounds like Randy from YouTube "Strange Parts"

You're right, I never noticed that before!

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Behind all iPhone the iPhone X series have so much easy solution for error 4013.Most of the other models have issues with Nand or Nand related issues but iPhone X small issues on that cases it can be fix with externaly . The mostly problem appears after water damage on Charging flex with vibration and upper flex with flood illuminator. I also fix that problem many times.This is the work that i have done makes you help to solve that issues.

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iPhone X Stuck On Apple Logo iTunes Error 4013

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Will you explain what happen when you try to restore through dfu mode. I don’t think there is major hardware problem. Just some loose connection or dry solder.

Try some means which can restore iPhone. Better to open iPhone and refix all cable firmly.

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The usual issue with the 4013 is hardware. It is a loose HD on the MB usually and will require microsoldering.

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I bought my iPhone X for 100€ on “eBay Kleinanzeigen” (the equivalent to craigslist) . The Screen was shattered at one corner and it had the iTunes-logo showing up.

This thread here is great and helped solving my problem, BUT:

When you can turn it on without the earpiece, it isn´t necessarily a logic board fault!!!

It might just be sweat that got into the earpiece assembly and corroded something.

I just cleaned the earpiece assembly with some alcohol et voila: it worked!

If it doesn´t work out with your phone, just try this: https://youtu.be/JM-04aWOVnw

I hope that I was able to help.

Greetings from Germany!

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So I had this same issues, read your solutions here, disconnected the earpiece and phone booted up fine. But a little backstory -

my iPhone X first got water damaged a month after I got it new, kept using it like that cos all that went bad was Face ID .

then many months and a few drops after, back glass and display broke so I decided to replace the entire chassis / hosing and display. While pulling the phone apart, I broke the loudspeaker connector attached to lightning port / charging port flex- bought a cheap replacement and put the phone back together then it got stuck on the boot loop.

so I’m trying to understand what exactly causes this, I didn’t damage the earpiece so why is disconnecting the earpiece the solution?

if I buy a different earpiece, will it work ?

what did the rest of you do to your phones that got it stuck on the boot loop ?

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If you buy another earpiece speaker the phone will

boot normally however Face ID will be unavailable as I believe Apple has paired this part to the board.

I’m not entirely sure about the other stuff though. When you reassembled the iPhone did you connect your faulty earpiece speaker or was it only the replacement loudspeaker connected when the phone began to boot loop upon reassembly?

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Now I’m sceptical about buying a different earpiece / speaker because I don’t think I damaged it.

Before I reassembled the phone the first time, I had replaced the charging port connector (that also has the loudspeaker connector attached to it which is what broke - not the earpiece attached to the display)

So after complete assembly, phone got stuck in a boot loop, came on here and read people’s experience , then I disconnected the earpiece speaker (attached to the display) as advised and phone booted up fine.

P.S now front facing camera doesn’t work but rear facing camera works fine

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I had this issue too! After disconnecting the earpiece I still had the same issue but after replacing the back camera the phone would boot up regularly.

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After some overconfidence in IP67 dipping it into the pool (after a screen repair- which probably reduced the effectiveness of the seals) I encountered the same boot loop issue on my iPhone X.

I tried to put it into DFU mode and restore and got the 4031 error every time.

After disconnecting my earpiece speaker/sensor assembly as pointed out above, I didn’t observe any corrosion and it was still unable to restore out of DFU mode (still error 4031) with the flex disconnected.

After some troubleshooting through disconnecting the camera and charging flexes I was still unable to restore out of the 4031 error.

Then it sprung to mind that it could be the charging assembly at fault but I was stuck in DFU mode (no untethered boot). I used the ‘PhoneRescue’ app (can use any equivalent app) to exit the device out of DFU/ramdisk mode.

I then disconnected only the charging assembly flex and voila! It booted with no issues. Now all I need to do is replace the charging assembly.

The iPhone X bootloop issue may also be due to the charging flex as well as the earpiece assembly -just make sure you’re out of DFU mode.

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