My computer wont boot . Removed every little part

I have a asus k56cm and ive tried removing every little part of it and putting back on and also unplugged battery and charger and plugged it back on .. held the power button for 60 second and nothing has changed . Please anyone can help me? Screen still blank . I hear the system working however the only light on is the power one

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You state that you hear the system working, so I assume that you can hear the fan running. Do you also hear the HDD spin up on startup. (unless you've installed a SSD of course)?

Try connecting an external monitor and check if it shows a display at all.

Try removing the HDD and starting the laptop, at least to see if you can access the BIOS menu (if you have a display that is)

Ive tried removing everything and placing is back while pressing the power button .. and yes i hear the hdd and the fan

kevin.ff.22 what does this "removing every little part of it and putting back on" mean? Try to give us a proper description of what you removed and why.What did the external monitor show you when you connected it?

It shows nothing on the monitor .. i removed the hdd ,my 2 rams ,battery i unpluged and plugged the screen to the motherboard and non of these fixed the issue

Hi kevin.ff.22,

Try shining a torch at an angle close to the screen when you've started the laptop and heard the fan running and the HDD spin up.

Check if you can detect an image at all on the screen.

It will be very faint so try it in a darkened room to improve the chances of seeing anything.

If you do detect an image then you have a backlight problem.

This could be caused by a faulty backlight power supply from the motherboard, a faulty backlight power cable (if separate to the video cable (don't know what your laptop has), a faulty lid switch or a faulty screen.

If you DO detect an image try using a magnet around the power on button to see if the backlight turns on. (or along the length of the area above the top of the keyboard and the back of the lower case

Again not sure re your laptop but some laptops use a magnetic lid switch with the magnet in the lid below the screen to physically open/close the backlight power circuit via a switch in the case to turn off/on the backlight when the lid is closed/open and others have the switch, again magnetically operated which sends a signal to the BIOS to software turn off/on the backlight power.

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