Compaq 6910p black screen on startup or window freeze

Product Name: HP Compaq 6910p

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit)

When I start my laptop the screen is black, No display. The fan is running , volume button shows mute OR if the laptop starts(after many attempts) the screen get freezes.

Tried starting in safe mode and tried diagnostics test but screen get freezes. The monitor is still running but the cursor won't move. The touchpad and mouse don't work even though mouse lights are still turned on. Also my keyboard lights are still on but ctrl alt del or any other keys won't work. The fans are still working and the harddisk lights are still on. Just the screen frozen and unresponsive. I wait a few minutes but it won't resolve on its own (also the system time won't change) and I have to hold down the power button to restart my laptop.

Need Help.


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Hi @youkisohma ,

Try booting the laptop using a bootable USB drive loaded with a Memory test program (press F10 on startup to change boot order) to see if the problem is hardware related or perhaps software related.

Try the memory test CD boot option for this as well, so that it will test the sata controller is working OK if the memory test program work from the CD that is

If the memory test works all the way through you may have problems with the HDD or the OS, given that it has problems even in safe mode

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