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40in LCD TV released in early 2007

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split screen, one side normal other side flipped like a mirror image?

Not able to find flip screen in my menu. Also my problem is different. The Split screen on the left side is normal but cut in half, the right side flipped like a mirror image. If there's lettering on the screen it's like your looking at it through a mirror?

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post an image of what your screen is showing so we can see what yuo see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that. It could be an issue with the T-con board or the panel. Verify that your TV is a Samsung LA40R81BD

You could rule out the T-con board by unplugging the individual ribbon cable for the side that does not show properly and see if nd what that changes. Due good side first, then the one that dispalys mirrored. Let us know what you find.

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