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The OontZ Angle 3 is a high quality, lightweight speaker made by Cambridge SoundWorks.

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Fuzzy static sound when connected to computer using AUX cable


When I connect my brand new Angle 3 Ultra to my computer, I get a static sound whenever I play a sound through the speaker. About 3-5 seconds after the sound stopped, the fuzzy static sound also went away.

This continued for every sound played from the speaker while connected to AUX cable, but it is fine when connected with bluetooth. Please help! Thanks.

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Hi @kylepoh ,

Have you tried a different aux cable?

Do you hear the static sound when you connect a headset to the computer's audio out connection that you connect the aux cable to?

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Hi @jayeff Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, i've tried changing cables and also changing devices (i tested on both my PC and my iphone). Both devices exhibits the same fuzzy static sound.

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I just discovered that the static sound on my went away after I disconnected the USB cable I had plugged in. I suspect the problem is that the cable does not have a choke on it to block stray RF from getting into the end device.

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Hi @kylepoh,

As it is “brand new”, and that you’ve tried different audio sources and cables, I suggest that you follow the directions in the manufacturer’s warranty statement and make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement.

You may have to be quick as it appears that they only offer a 90 day warranty.

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