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Vizio 55in TV goes fuzzy after about 15 minutes

Picture going fuzzy with horizontal lines

Vizio 55 inch plays good for about 15 minutes then your picture goes fuzzy and you can see light horizontal lines power the TV off let cool off turn back on plays good again for about 15 minutes then goes fuzzy again what can cause this?

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this can be caused by a faulty main board as well as a bad LED driver board. Horizontal lines are almost always caused by bad driver boards, those are part of teh panle and can’t be replaced. It is also possible that this is a bad mainboard. That can be replaced. The only way to determine will be by replacing the main board. If that resolves the error you know it’s good and if not it is your panel. Reason for having to do it this way is because Vizio service manuals are pretty much unavailable. Another company that does not care about helping users fix their own devices.

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