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TV randomly turns on and off repeatedly

I have had my Vizio for a little over a year, a few months ago it started to lag when I changed the volume or channel with my cable remote. We have lost the remote to the tv so it can only be controlled by the cable remote, smartest app via the phone and another vizier remote we have for a TV in the kids room (just realized about a year ago the kids tv would turn off by itself but immediately turned back on).

After this issue the TV started to turn on and off by itself, not just a few times but it continuously does this ALL day, about once a day the TV will eventually turn on and stay on but I don’t hold my breath waiting for this to happen. When the TV turns on the Vizio symbol appears, disappears after about 5 seconds, the screen gots dark and then turns off, this is the ongoing cycle.

Can someone please help, it is out of warranty, we have tried changing all outlets, cords and unplugging and plugging it back in, Tried the method form when the TV is in RGB mode but no success.

Also, when the TV is in its cycle of on and off we cannot turn the TV on using any of the current devices.

Please help, football season is here and this is the one in the living room we use all the time.

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It will be much easier for us to provide details if we have the exact model as well.


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Did you get an answer?

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My TV is a Vizo D24f-F1. purchased 3 weeks ago, brand new at Bestbuy. It randomly powers off and then on again. this is so annoying

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Bring it back and request a replacement. Don't accept a "repair

attempt. With something that new the store should be able to return it to their supplier.

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I have the Vizio D24f-F1 tv and my tv has been doing the same thing. So i brought it back and exchanged it. The new tv does the same thing. It started after the tv updated the about a week ago. I think the update might have broke it. I have tried settings reducing power consumption with no affect. Problem still exists. Any help would be awesome...

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you do want to go ahead and check the power board. This could be a bad capacitor issue as well as a backlight issue. Measure the voltages going to your backlight etc. Also, since you are having a hard time with the remote control etc. consider replacing the remote with one that works for your TV. When your TV turns itself off, shine a flashlight at an angle against your screen. see if you can make out shapes and silhouttes etc. Let us know what you find.

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I have a Vizio d32hn do and it stays on a few minutes and turns itself off why

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