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Released June 2017, the iPad Pro 10.5" replaces the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7".

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IPad Pro Screen unresponsive intermittently, Pencil works fine with it

Issue description: touch screen randomly become unresponsive for 1-3 seconds then back to normal again, during the period any finger touch will be ignored, but Apple Pencil works fine on it.

why I am asking instead of going to Apple store: I did, 2 month ago when my first 10.5” was having the same issue, after grueling battle with genius I was able to get a brand new one (Not repaired), and this one is also getting the same touchscreen issue.

what I’m trying to determine: Is it a hardware issue or a software one? How can Apple Pencil works fine while my fingers don’t? Why is it the problem only emerge after one or two months of usage.

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My iPad Pro 10.5” has periods of unresponsiveness every few minutes, and it’s always 20-30 seconds before it recovers. It became so maddening, rather than try to deal with Apple (it was barely out of warranty), I just bought another iPad, different model. The ornery one is back in its box where it belongs. It’s a shame I have no guesses as to what its problem is.

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I suggest all users who encountered this issue, contact Apple and emphasize the importance of fixing it.

I am doing this right now, with a senior Apple worker, and submitting my diagnostic data to them. Yes, it takes a few calls, and each time, you basically tell your story, and wait for them to type it down and submit it. So comparing to stopping by Apple store, this saves a ton of time.

I believe it’s the software because this is my 3rd replacement already. My 2nd replacement was much better but still encountered this from time to time.

So, I would say, unless Apple releases a new update, there is no way for us to completely get rid of it, only by chances.

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Thank you for sharing this information!

I also encountered the same issue. I made 2 replacements (i.e. tried 3 pieces of iPad Pro) but still got the same issue. No particular pattern can be found on how to trigger this issue of unresponsive touchscreen. But almost every time the touchscreen is still responding to the switch app or go to home screen gestures. I suspect it's a mix of hardware and software issue to happen to everyone.... while Apple still ignore it.

what's more, I got the issue of Video (from iTunes Store) intermittent pause, on both iPad and iPhone. I suspect that's a software issue too, since the behavior is similar on both iPhone & iPad with similar iOS. those "genius" at Apple Store has no clue about that issue, they just replace the hardware, but of course the video intermittent pause still happens.

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Just in case anyone is checking this in 2020.

apple admitted this is hardware related if none of the suggested solutions work for you.

personally, it became extremely terrible when I use mine against my belly button area. The screen would became totally unresponsive. When holding it and typing in portrait mode, it’s acceptable, 95% of the time it would work fine.

some said its software related which could be so true but we have no access to iOS codes so we cannot make any conclusion safely. All I can tell is in landscape mode it happened the most of the time.

contact Apple and urge them to replace it for you for free. This is their fault and you should not pay for it.

also. Much appreciated if you can make an update to provide helpful feedback.

thanks everyone, and stay healthy!

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where or when did apple admitted this is hardware (design) related issue ?

coz I already made a few replacement over the past years, and now with the (3rd replacement?) iPad Pro 12.9 2nd gen I am still having this intermittent problem. This is very annoying.

I don't mind paying a bit of money, but please tell me how I can identify this issue so that I can tell those Apple "Genius" in the local Apple Store so that I can fix this issue once and for all.

Thank you for your help.

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Did you find solution?

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Turn off airdrop.

Why turning off airdrop make a big diferrence ? Thanks for the tip

this worked for me, thanks!

Turing off airdrop did not help.

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I had this problem also. I read somewhere that the screen may be bending. I had a regular Amazon bought cover on my Ipad Pro. Since the problem was not getting any better, I bought a Logitech keyboard to attach in case the touch screen went out altogether. The keyboard comes with a fairly sturdy back to attach to the Ipad. Since then, I have had no problems with the touch screen. So I am surmising that a sturdy back attached to the Ipad keeps it from bending and prevents touch screen problems. Hope this helps!

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I have had the apple keyboard on 100% of the time since I bought my iPad Pro earlier this year and I am still having this issue.

I blamed my covers. Overlapping too much of the sides or overheating because they were too thick, etc. Five cases later and two big knicks in the bevel I’m using a hard case with air holes and I’m still having problems. Good news is I have back up cases until the next major set of changes to the iPad.

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I’m using iPad Pro 11 and having exactly the same problem. Is anyone found the solution yet? I have tried all above tips ie. turn off airdrop, Touch Accommodations, even Hard Reset the unit and start fresh. Nothing help !

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We have a discussion threat here

iPad Pro 12.9 touchscreen is unresponsive from time to time

Also I have a thread on Apple forum with another person, but lots information have been deleted by moderator, so I will not put the link here.

Basically, it’s been found to happened among almost all non 9.7” iPad Pro. The other guy believe it’s a hardware issue, but I have a different opinion.

Most people report this issue after using the iPad Pro for a while, which indicates a high chance of software problem, which I concur as after reinstalling my iPad Pro 12.9 2nd gen LTE under DFU mode, the touch issue improved significantly. Also, I have spotted tons of bugs and issues from my iPhone and iPad use. My iPhone XS has difficult time to rotate screen, there are ghost keyboard after unlocking, my iPad Pro would suddenly change it’s position when I didn’t rotate my iPad, and so many more. Considering iOS 11 has severe issue that Apple has to solely improve the fluency using ios 12, this is not surprised.

That being said, ,it’s most likely the cumulated software issue caused this problem, BUT, there is more.

When I lean the iPad on my belly in a sitting position and use my iPad, I noticed unresponsive issue. When I touch the iPad with right pointing finger while other fingers touching iPad edge, this issue often happens. This could indicate a hardware quality issue. It works, but its noise resistance is poor.

Basically, I am 90% sure this is the case. Whole integrity is not a problem, the inside structure layout is not an issue. Most possible reason: It’s the software’s poor quality combining the touch sensor that caused the issue. I have met replacement iPad Pro that didn’t work at all when I was in Apple store and I have found this issue happening after using my iPad flawlessly for a while.

OK, after nagging for this long, what’s the solution?

  1. Try to eliminate your carrying static electricity by often touching grounded items. I use the screws on light switches. This would reduce the interference on touch sensor.
  2. Backup your documents and photos. Save them to somewhere you can access WITHOUT iPad. Use DFU mode to completely reinstall iOS. Download the iOS for your model from a trustable source, enter DFU mode, shift select restore then select the downloaded iOS firmware. When it’s done, DO NOT RESTORE the backup. It will re-introduce any possible issue.

I believe this is the only solution WE COULD DO. Apple has to re-design the whole $@$*!& package to get rid of the problem permanently. However, current Apple won’t give a ssss cuz the issues are only bothering a “small amount” people.

My suggestion is: try what I said, figure out a way of minimizing the issue, and move on. This little issue from Apple doesn’t deserve so much attention from you. This will be my last time answering touch issue related question.

Have a great one my friend.

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I did a full reset and setup as a new iPad. So ruling out any third party/bugs in local software. On trying to select a WiFi connection, the touchscreen was unresponsive. I was in touch with Apple support, and they have said I would have to send off my iPad for a chargeable repair. I’m not paying for something that I believe is inherently hardware related or bugs introduced in the newer iOS versions.

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Same here for me $@$*!& unresponsive screen ipad pro 10.5

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My iPad Sixth generation doing the same thing.

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I recently came across this issue on a 2nd gen iPad Pro. I had been having the problem most days, so I attempted to have it looked at the Apple Store. They couldn’t find anything wrong with it, but offered to happily replace it for the cost of a new device. Of course, at the store my iPad played very nicely and I couldn’t reproduce the problem.

Once I got home, I tried using the iPad and all was fine up until the point when I brought it back to my workstation. Then, it started acting up again. After several more trials, I noticed that it would act up more frequently in certain areas of the house but not in others. But the most common place was on my stand-up desk, where the power lines conveniently run directly underneath where my iPad usually sits.

I don’t have the tools to do a deep dive on this, but I believe the real issue may be electromagnetic interference of sorts. Could be improperly shielded cables or anything in-between. Seems like something worth investigating though.

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