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LG LED TV vertical white lines on display and solarized images

I have LG 49UB850T model and suddenly while watching tv display turned bad.

Started showing vertical lines on display. I contacted a tv repair guy and he said its because of bad TCON board.

If somebody can help me find out whats the real issue it would be really appreciated.

Please check the image and the video for the issue.

Block Image

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yes this could be the T-con board but could also be the main board and ,even so less likely, the panel. Check to see if your onboard menu displays clear. If so it is most likely your T-con board. If that does not display clear it could be both. So, replace the t-con board first.

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onboard menu means what exactly? tv menu? it also looks distorted

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Yes the TV menu. Start with the T-con board because of cost. I would not be surprised that this will be the main board but I do not like to guess

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any trusted website from where i can order tcon?

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I do not know where you are located. I order my boards ffrom one source. There are of course many of them out there and I am sure there are many. I order from and have no connection to that store.

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