No sound from speakers, and no response on controller

The other day, I came home to my Bose Lifestyle 50 home theater system not producing any sound, and the controller pad saying “no response”. There was a power surge that day, but it was plugged into a power strip. This particular home theater system is coming up on 18 years old, so it might just have died of old age. I have tried all the relevant suggestions on this guide, and none of them worked. Is it time to buy a new home theater system, or is there other things to try before giving up entirely? Thank you!

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can’t give up on iFixit. Of course you tried the reset:

Unplug the multi-room interface power pack for a few seconds, then reconnect it. This allows the unit to reset itself after a power surge or power interruption.

and you tried to re-establish a connection:

If NO RESPONSE is continuously displayed, the link between your music center and the multi-room interface may be broken. To re-establish the link, hold the center close to the interface. Press and hold MUTE for about 5 seconds until you hear a second beep. After about 10 seconds, you should hear two beeps to confirm that the link is established.

Note: The music center establishes a link with the closest multi-room interface.

If you have the multiroom interface you could try to control it through a computer interface. Looks like the Bose Lifestyle all use the same serial commands:



Vol Up....\x61\x45\x41\x41

Skip Reverse....\x61\x45\x42\x42

Play / Pause....\x61\x45\x43\x43

Skip Forward....\x61\x45\x44\x44

Vol Down....\x61\x45\x45\x45


Video 1....\x61\x45\x47\x47

Video 2....\x61\x45\x48\x48







Mute All....\x61\x45\x4F\x4F




Fast Rev....\x61\x45\x62\x62

Fast Fwd....\x61\x45\x63\x63

Zone 1....\x61\x41\x01\x01

Zone 2....\x61\x41\x02\x02

If nothing, else this should work for you for more troubleshooting. 199402

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@oldturkey03 I tried all of that already, and there is no computer interface due to how old it is. I looked thru the guide and didn’t find anything else relevant enough to try. I think I might call Bose and if they cannot help I’ll schedule a service call for a local Bose authorized repairman.

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@oldturkey03 I appreciate your time and thank you for trying, I truely appreciate it. :)

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@ajcooke01 sounds like a plan just don't throw it out yet ;-)

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Don't be surprised if Bose states that this is no longer serviced. I have run into this in the past with Bose. All may not be lost. The key here is the power failure. There may be a component or two inside that were damaged due to the power fail. The service manual does not help much here, but if you can open up the unit and post a few pictures, we may be able to guide you further on things to check.


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@abrsvc it is mounted to the wall, so I would have to somehow unmont it. I think the AV receiver just failed because it is older than the speakers & subwoofer itself (23 yrs).

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