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15.6" PC laptop by Acer / Released 2009

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Display not open but laptop is on

Sir my laptop is on but display is not comming… Sir please tell me technical and internal circuit problem and please send me to ..

please .. please .. please

Sir i also check display cable , RAM change , laptop on off and battery change but cant it

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Connect an external monitor to the laptop and check if its’ display is OK.

If there is no display showing on it either, then you either have a GPU problem or a motherboard problem.

If there is a display showing on the external monitor then you either have a video cable problem, video cable connection problem (at either end - display or motherboard, a display panel problem or perhaps a lid switch problem.

To test if perhaps the lid switch is the problem try shining a torch at an angle close to the laptop screen to check if you can detect an image at all. It will be very faint so try this in a darkened room.

If you cannot detect an image then see the above.

If you can detect an image then you have a backlight problem. The lid switch controls the backlight power to the display panel. It is usually a magnetically operated switch with the magnet in the lid, below the screen and the switch in the case of the laptop, above the keyboard and the back of the laptop

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i did everything what you saying but display some time come and some time not and i am very well know display cable is good ,,, i think its circuit problem ....

very very thanks for giving a answer .......

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