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brushes on brush bar do not spin

I have a Hoover steam cleaner F7426-900. This is a fine steam cleaner, but the brushes have stopped turning. Is there a belt inside the cleaner that spins the belts? How can I get to it. Also, the little 'gripper' on the brush bar appears to be stripped, and one little piece of it looks like it's down inside the 'turner'.

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suedumm, it appears as if your steam cleaner uses a turbine wheel to drive the brushes. So it is possible that reason the brushes are not spinning because the turbine gear assembly failed, or is clogged with debris Check on this link to find the exploded drawing for the proper part as well as how it is put together. It is not a service manual but should most certainly help you to disassemble it. Here are also a few pictures for the same problem and Here are same good direction how to clean your brush filter. Good Luck.

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