Haswell business laptop introduced by Dell in 2013. This system is notable for being the first Haswell business laptop released. The battery will operate the laptop for 4-7 hours, depending which battery your system is equipped with.

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Gray screen problem in Dell Latitude E6540 when I watch an video

Gray screen problem in Dell Latitude E6540


The computer functions normally


But when I want to watch a movie or a video either on my hard disk or on the internet ... the gray screen appears

{Note: if i minimize the video box for example in “vlc” the problem does not show  .. but its appear on plein ecran mode when the video fills the computer screen}

The problem rarely appears immediately after the dell logo when the computer is turned on


To get rid of the problem I have to close the screen and open it…  and so on every appearance


Here are some steps i've taken to try to diagnose the problem:


1 I connected an external monitor once with the HDMI cable and once with the VGA cable when the video started after a short time .. The problem appeared in the computer screen only  and the external screen is good .. the video shows normal


2 i entered the safe mode and the problem still exists


3 I try to format the  computer with Windows 7/10 and the problem still exists


4 I updated the drivers of the Intel and AMD graphics card and the problem still exists even without drivers


This is a video and illustrations




I apologize for the language errors

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This link may be of relevance to your problem.

You can also perform a video stress test using Dell SupportAssist (scroll down to find the link on the page), to check if there is a hardware problem.

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