MacBook Pro will not power on

I just bought this one broken from CL. it wasn't charging or turning on but it did have a solid green led on the magsafe. Took it apart and couldn't see any corrosion but I could feel some stickyness. took out the board and washed it with hot water and soap to remove the stickyness. let it dry and put back together. now it is charging and it actually turns on sorta.

when the power cable is plugged in, the computer automatically starts up - fans spin and led comes on at the front but a black screen


I only tried this once - have all sources of power (battery and charger) unplugged for a bit then plug them in it chimes and seems like it works (I don't have a hard drive to fully test so I get the folder with question mark)

any suggestions?

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Can you boot to a Mac Install CD/DVD?

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