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Turning black for 10 seconds and turning back on. LG 60LB6100 the TV s


shuts black about twice every 30 minutes

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Darla Robillard

intermittent failures like this are hard to diagnose. Could be an input issue, so try all different input sources (HDMI, Coax, Composite etc.) Could be a firmware issue; disconnect everything from your TV including the power board. Then hold the power button down for 15-30sec. Plug the TV back in and connect a Video source and see if that changed it. If none of this works you may have to consider that this is a power board, main board, or backlight array issue. Once the TV turns black, shine a flashlight at an angle against the screen. If you can still make out shapes and forms, you know that it is a backlight issue. If you cannot it is most likely a main board issue. Again, these errors are hard to diagnose and sometimes it may just be easier to learn to live with it.

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