A Wi-Fi and NFC capable CMOS camera first released in March 2013. Identified by model number EV-NX300ZBQUUS.

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Screen working but without backlight

My camera was working fine, I simply left it in a table a couple of days and when I tried to use it again the screen was black. But the problem seems to be that there is no backlight, if I put it in a dark room I can see that it is showing the normal info, if in Autofocus, when I touch the screen it blinks the green light to focus, and I can even take pictures (I took the memory card to my computer and saw that it is taking pictures), but simply the screen is not bright enough to see what is going on. I have also changed the battery but the problem continues. Any Ideas? Thanks!

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could be an issue with the LCD panel (backlight included on that) or the motherboard. I would replace the back panel LCD and see if that gets the backlight back on. Of course there is always a chance of the ribbon cable having come loose. Samsung NX300 Back Panel Assembly Replacement

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