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bios not detecting hard disk

Ok, I have a Lenovo Flex 4 15" 2in1 laptop which I had two years but after the first year it would not fully load maybe because of connection, (maybe). Yes it will still power on. Now after some time I realized my Bios setup did not recognize are was not communicating with the hard disk . At first, thought hard drive was bad but it wasn't. Have anyone had this issue and can help me. Your help will be a blessing too me.

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When you turn on your computer, it show you a message like no hard drive detected ?

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no just the name of my laptop

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Have you tried to set default settings of the BIOS ?

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when i go to bios it keep asking for password which i do not have

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Alternatively, you can try manual methods to fix this error, but if they do not help, then you need to change the Hard Disk.

Check the data cable

Check the Jumper Setting

Check for Auto Drive Detection

Check if the Drive is spinning

Generally, if the hard disk is not recognized by the BIOS, you have a hardware failure. For example, the Hard Disk is dead. In this case, you’ll need a new hard disk.

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