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Are the adhesive strips sufficient to keep it Waterproof?

….or should I use a liquid adhesive like B-7000.

I successfully replaced the battery and the watch seems to work fine (Thank You! IFIXIT for the Video).

I used the adhesive strip but it seems thin and flimsy. I saw another repair video that resealed the glass top with B7000 Adhesive adhesive. Should I try something like that?

I get the watch wet frequently, in the shower, washing hands, etc. I’m not wearing the watch much until I feel comfortable with it’s water resistance.

Any ideas?

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B7000 Adhesive


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Note that water resistance is not permanent.

With normal wear you can expect factory-applied water resistance to fail within two years, and performing component replacements like your battery swap will reduce that.

Water resistance is partially a matter of sealing the unit from water (via adhesive gaskets) and partially a matter of coating the internals with a hydrophobic coating.

The gaskets can be replaced but you need to be VERY careful when installing; a tiny misalignment or bit of dirt can compromise their effectiveness. The hydrophobic coating requires special equipment; my own shop uses a NanoFlowX system to apply a hydrophobic coating to the internals of smartphones and tablets.

No, do not use B-7000 adhesive (or any permanent adhesive). The only thing it will do is make your watch much more difficult to open the next time around. Your phone already has small gaps for water to get through (e.g., around the crown) so sealing the watch with adhesive isn't going to avoid water ingress through those other openings.

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I fear some water may have intruded. I was careful not to touch things, and thought I applied the adhesive strip carefully. Things seemed ok but I wore the watch in the shower and it got wet. It started showing strange colors and would some on very bright and not go off.

I reset it and it now seems to have a normal display, but it won't pair with my phone.

I pair it and it "verifies software" then I select "restore backup" or "setup as new " and in both cases "pairing failed". It then goes through "unpairing" and starts the process again with the same repeated problem.

It did update the watch software the first time, but it won't pair with the watch.

I fear it is toast. Any suggestions?

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I'm inclined to agree with your assessment that some water has intruded, and your "it is toast" assessment. The best thing you can hope for at this point is to take it to a shop for complete disassembly, cleaning, and trace testing until the problem(s) are found. This may cost more than the watch is worth. Apple's official out-of-warranty service fee starts at $229 for your watch:

I'm assuming you've gone through these steps:

Also, here's Apple's position on water resistance:

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The adhesive strip being thin doesn’t matter as long as you replace with new adhesive and force sensor ring. The important part is to clean the old adhesive off, like completely off. The metal seating surface has to shine like a mirror and the screen bezel has to be absolutely clean, no dirt, oil or leftover adhesive whatsoever.

After that, carefully apply and reseat the display should be OK. I have a procedure to test for seal quality for iPhone, but not for Apple Watch so there is no safe way to test it yet.

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A splash won’t be a problem for your watch, it’s the full immersion into water that would be a concern like swimming or diving. The watch was not designed with that level of tightness.

The care of cleaning the surfaces as well as not damaging the seal lip (nicks and scratches) as well as properly installing the seal and not touching the adhesive surface with your skin will all effect the effectiveness of the seal.

In any case the simple fact is you can’t achieve the same seal effectiveness as the original factory seal.

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