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Released in North America in November 2006.

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What happens if you plug in a 110v wii into 220v?

I have an American Wii, its 110v and I moved to Saudi Arabia and I accidentally plugged it in without a converter. It made a lot popping sound and even when I plug it in a 110v converter it would not work so I opened up the power brick and saw some small yellow stains on the board.

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When you connect a device to a voltage higher than it’s rated supply voltage, it over-stresses the circuit inside the device. By doubling the voltage from 110 upto 220V you have also forced through much more current into the device. Chances are that 2 x voltage blew some components inside before the excess current would have over- cooked the the circuit inside. If a component has stained the board, chances are that’s what got stressed and broken down inside. The yellow stains maybe insulation from a component or transformer indicating the defect component. An electronics repair shop maybe able to help or seek out a replacement power brick? Hope this helps?

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My cousin used to burn out her American hairdryers on UK mains supply all the time until she bought one specially to use in the UK and Europe.

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