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The Toshiba Satellite laptop model number C855-S5115 part number PSCBLU-02M03L was released in 2013.

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Can't find or use Bluetooth! Please HELP!

For some odd reason I can't access or toggle my Bluetooth on or off, I don't even have the option in settings, using Windows 10. I have used it before and it shows my old paired devices but I can’t toggle it on or off or make visible or pair, etc… I can’t even find the icon in the hidden icons or task bar. Can somebody guide me on how to figure out if my Bluetooth is even installed or how to find it or reinstall or something please ? Its driving me nuts

Thanks in advance !!

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Hi @incognegro918 ,

What is the status of the Bluetooth adapter in Device Manager?

Right click Windows Start button, select Device Manager and locate Bluetooth entry. If no red cross or yellow exclamation mark next to the entry, right click on entry and select Properties, then look in General Tab > Device Status

If red cross, right click on entry and select enable, exit Device Manager and test Bluetooth.

If yellow exclamation mark, right click on entry and select Update Drivers and follow the prompts

If no entry in Device Manager for Bluetooth, click on View tab > Show hidden devices and then check for Bluetooth entry.

If still no Bluetooth entry, is there a main entry in Device Manager for "Other Devices"? If so click on that and check for Bluetooth.

If still not there check in BIOS (F10 on boot I think) and check if there is an enable/disable setting for BT.

If there is a BT entry in Device Manager and the status is OK, go to Control Panel (click on Windows Start button and type Control Panel in the search box and select Control Panel desktop app option that appears) >troubleshooting > Hardware and Sound > scroll down to Bluetooth and follow the prompts.

Update (01/10/2019)

Hi @incognegro918 ,

Usually Bluetooth has its own entry if it has been detected correctly by OS. Doesn’t mean it has been installed correctly

See example image below.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If there is no entry, check if there is a Other Devices entry and click on that to see if BT is listed there or enable hidden devices as described in my answer to see if it appears.

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@jayeff "Right click Windows Start button, select Device Manager and locate Bluetooth entry." Device Manager, which tab is Bluetooth under ?

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I don’t think you can toggle bluetooth on or off with the new update. It looks like they you can’t really tell if bluetooth is on or off. Mostly likely your bluetooth is stuck on. If you want to connect devices just click on the “notification center” on the bottom right and click “connect.”

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