Samsung의 주력 휴대폰 Galaxy S8. 2017년 4월 출시.

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No Network Connection even with a good sim

The phone says “No network connection”. And it has a little circle with a line through it where it would usually show signal strength. It wont make any calls either. I just put a brand new screen,frame,back glass and battery in it. Not sure if it makes a difference though. Any help would be appreciated as I am planning on selling my s9 soon to get the s10. Thanks! (I have already tried the SIM in another phone. It works fine.)

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Hi Ethan,

Make sure that all your antenna cables are properly plugged in and intact.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Motherboard Replacement

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I did. I just took it apart and they are all good

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I ended up just removing the board completely again. After reassembly it worked for some reason

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Iam not an expert, but do check if IMEI number is there in settings. If not it will not recognize any sim card.

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