Released on March 3rd, 2017, the Nintendo Switch is a handheld that can be played on the TV or on the go.

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I think the fuse is blown

Hey guys, today I did something stupid. I connected the switch to a power bank using a usb-c to usb-c cable. Problem was, i connected it to the power bank port that was intended to charge up the power bank.. the switch immediately turned off with an audible click sound and it won’t turn back on. No amount of long pressing the power button or trying to get it into recovery mode will work... I have no warranty left on it. Do any of you know which fuse it would be? Do I need to replace the usb-c port or is there more to it? Any idea how much an official repair at Nintendo would cost? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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It might not be a fuse, you might’ve shorted out the battery which may of left the device unusable, or if it is a fuse, I recommend not trying to replace it as it would require micro-soldering. See if the battery has voltage with a multimeter, if it doesn’t you might’ve shorted out the battery. Hope this helps!

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