The product is an HS-10DTB2-8GB Android Tablet with a maximum height of 10.1", made for the convenience of using phone applications on a bigger screen display than a smartphone.

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My tablet keep truning on and off

I trun it on 5 or 10 mint it gos off

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Try starting it up in "Safe Mode" and see if it will fully turn on. If it does, your access to things will be limited, however then you know the problem is software. So virus, malware, bad app, etc., which you need to remove. If, however, it won't load even in "Safe Mode" it may require a "Hard Reset" of the device, which would wipe everything on it, or possibly even be a hardware problem.

In case any data loss in the process, you can recover the lost data by referring the guide.

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You can follow these step while facing turn on and off issues:

1. Soft Reset - do a soft reset which should help you restart the tablet without getting stuck on the logo screen. Every device has different soft reset method.

2. Charge your device - There sometime happen that your device powered off due to battery died. Check if your device is able to power on completely or not. switch off your device and charge it for sometime.

3. Use a different charging method - If your tablet’s charger is not working, thwn you can charge it by using USB cable and connect to your computer.

4. Reinsert the battery - Pull out the battery , waiting for seconds and then reinserting the battery.

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