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Can I repair touchscreen without opening the phone?

First I had a full width stripe of about one centimeter height at the top of the screen (just 1 mm below the top edge) where my touchscreen didn’t work ocassionally.

Now, that stripe has moved down about 1.5 cm down. If I hit softly and repeatedly the screen it (sometimes) starts working, and sometimes it freeze completly the touchscreen, and I need to lock and unlock the phone to use it.

If I shake the phone I hear as if something is loose inside of it.

Is there anyway to fix this without opening the phone?

The problem persists even in safe mode.

The pen works fine.

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It really sounds like you have a hardware issue with the touch digitizer. More than likely you’ll need to replace the full screen assembly and you’ll have to open the phone to repair it. Now since you are hearing something in your phone rattling around, there is a chance something might be grounding your phone out causing the touch issues. I’d follow this guide to open the phone and see what’s rattling around.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Display Assembly with Frame Replacement

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