Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Is the protective metal cover for display ribbon cables needed?

I was an idiot and forgot to put the protective metal cover back over the display ribbon cables for the iPad Air 2 (as shown in step 30). I already applied the adhesive and finished putting it back together. I plan to purchase more adhesive and take it back apart to put the cover back on, however, my question is: can any damage occur without this cover (i.e. grounding, etc.)?

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You can safely keep the device as it is. The brackets are designed to hold the connectors securely in place, especially during transport or if you handle your device roughly. However, most iPads live a simple life once purchased so the chances that a connector pops loose is quite low.

If this were an iPhone, it wold be easy to open it up again and make the correction. However iPads are different beasts and opening it up increase your chances of something else going wrong.

Worse case, you can always deal with it in the future if it happens.

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