Logic board replacement. Where to order from?

Hi all, i hope someone can point me in the right direction. My 2012 15” mbp had a power surge this sunday. I thought it was the power adaptor but something went pop.. it wont accept charge from a new charger but machine fully functional as far as i can tell, tested usb and wifi etc all was working. I took it to a repair store they want 700euros to install a new logic board, i would rather do it myself.

Any suggestions where i can order it from? My mac is the high res screen and not the standard 1440p one, will this make a difference in what logic board to order? Thanks

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Take the logic board out and do a proper inspection. If you see something take a good clear picture and post it here 기존 질문에 이미지 추가하기.

Are you sure it is not the DC-board that is damaged? Use a multi-meter to see if the board is outputting any voltage.

I’m presume the battery has enough power to keep the laptop running.

Is it a A1286 model?

I am not aware of a High Rez model in the 2012 model. Let's make sure of what you have, please go here and input your serial number from the back of the machine and tell us your results


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