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Use these guides to repair phones from all manufacturers and service providers.

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From where people find schamatics files?

I don’t have any connection with repair technician guys I started this hobby years ago in my garage, and now I work full time from home as a repair technician.

So I don’t know what other people use!

For me I use this database for schematics and BIOS files.

What website do you use for your daily repairs?

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I don't use schematics, if you vote for right to repair, the companies that make the products will have to post schematics of their products, right now all that I use to fix electronics is the stuff I have dissasembled and repaired and I just ask questions on the internet

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You don’t specify what phones you typically repair…

For the iPhone & iPad, they are pretty easy to find when googling. GSM Forum has most of them freely available, at least those that are “available”.

When it comes to Android devices, it a little hit or miss and it can be hard to find many of the schematics . Once again, the GSM Forum should have whatever schematics are available out in the wild. If you are repairing mostly mainstream devices, then consider a subscription to a schematic/boardview tool such as ZXW or FCL.

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