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A personal computer that resides in one location with its core components inside a case separate to third-party peripherals required for operation, such as a mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

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Computer crash then no signal on monitor


Today, i was randomly playing on my pc desktop, and then, suddenly, my screen went black and even though the pc was running i could’nt hear any game noises, so i knew my pc had crashed. So i turned it off with the button behind it, and now when i try to restart it, the fans and the lights of the pc are running but my monitor doesn’t get any signal and my peripherals either (keyboard not lighting up…) which means the pc is not booting properly.

I know this is a common issue, and i’ve been looking through many threads to find a solution. Here’s whats i’ve tried so far:

  • test the screen with the same hdmi cable on an other device (works fine, which means it comes from the computer)
  • use an other gpu (hdmi cable connected to it)
  • running only one stick of ram and trying every ram slot
  • reseating gpu
  • clear the cmos
  • connect the hdmi cable to the mobo instead of the gpu
  • reseat the 24pin plug on the mobo

I’m kinda desperate here, i hope you guys can think of solutions i haven’t tried yet.

Thank you for your time.

Update (05/20/2019)

Just as little update, i’ve bought a new psu as i said and apparently that’s where the problem came from as it is now fully working as it used to.

Thanks to all for your help.

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System overheating? Bad PSU?

Is there a smell of smoke/any burnt-looking components?

Hi abc07595

please share your pc specification,

e.g. power supply, mainboard, ram, etc

PC specs:

CPU: AMD ryzen 5 2600

GPU: EVGA 1060 6gb

Motherboard: GIGABYTE B450M DS3H

RAM: 2 x 4gb HyperX Fury DDR4

PSU: Corsair CX500

I've been using my computer for the past 6 month with these specs without any problem whatsoever, so i don't believe it's overheating related.

There is no sign/smell of burnt components and my PSU has been working fine for the past 4 years.

Hi abc07595

test the computer memory, one stick at a time.

consider removing the graphic card and test using onboard graphic.

Hi Augustine

I already did all those things.

I think i'm gonna get a new PSU and see if it fixes it.

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Why is it that some people ask for specs? Knowing that does what exactly? As I have asked pretty much every Tech guy I’ve ever talked to. If your PC turns on fan and all, especially if the lights you refer to are on the front of the pc, that should mean your Pc is actually working and you just don’ see it. Sounds like your graphic card isn’t working or at least the problem is the video output and not the rest of the Pc. However your method of fixing the issue could be part of your current difficulty. Try resetting the pc. Turn it off and open it up make sure it’s clean of dust and check every connection (the HDD memory , disk drive, ect, even your SATA connections. Then pull the battery out for a minute, it should be the only one in there. This resets the BIOS. Now put the battery in, start it up. Use a regular monitor to check if you’re getting the signal from the pc. If that doesn’t work I’ll need more info from you.

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The video card is not the problem because i tried it with an other one and still no output. I already reseted the bios several times, doesn't boot up. I've tried to connect the pc to my tv, still no output. I've also checked the cables, i don't think that's it. This leads me to think it's the PSU that has slowly died.

People ask for specs because certain hardware have certain problems. Some users use incompatible hardware that doesn't conflict from the very beginning, especially if the user has outdated BIOS, etc. Before making assumptions you should always check the facts. What are the symptoms, on what hardware and what actions took place before and after the incident. All these play a major role in remote troubleshooting.

Tell me I cant put Dell products in my HP, or Gateway for that matter. Video cards are more universal than my RAM is. So it's hard to believe someone's specs matter. Now I'm no expert of PCs but I surely believe if you can plug it into your motherboard, you can run it. Power supply could be an issue. You wouldnt believe how many tech guys from MSN told me I couldnt run WIN10 with what I have in my PC. I'm currently running Windows creator 1809. So then, tell me something. If it's not compatible it wont fit, that's hardware. Software dont last long if it's not compatible, that's programming. However, let us seperate the conflicting info. You say the video card isnt the problem you tried another. Conclude, no video output. Since you reset the BIOS which returns you to original factory defaults the issue sounds hardware related, bad connection, bad ground, broken solder points are a dead giveaway. Now it doesnt boot up? Since you have no video it's hard to determine what it's actually doing isnt it? Reset!

I hope your not powering on the PC then plugging it into something. You'll definately get no signal then. Just a reminder for clarification. Turn PC off, unplug power cord, remove video card and BIOS battery. Give it 5 minutes. Then put in the video card, connect a monitor, then the battery, then the plug. Your PC is supposed to boot, video card also. Implicated is that it turns on. If had a short or bad ground it would turn itself off, or burn up. Worst case scenario? You have a cracked motherboard. The video section of the motherboard is not getting power would be a valid conclusion. Check to verify if you can.

@tabakisp That would be true if he just put together a pc from parts and it wasn't running before. But since he's had it running (I would guess for some time) that's hardly an issue. From the sounds of it, it sounds like the hard drive failed.

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I would try another power supply - have you a spare or can you borrow one to test?

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as i said i plan to get a new one since i dont have any spare one.

Thanks though.

Too bad. Let us know how it goes.

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After reading all the symptoms, I was almost certain it was your Graphics Processing Unit but after reading your specs and noticing that a GPU is missing I’m going to go with a Power Supply Unit failure. Usually a blown capacitor. It’s repairable but I wouldn’t advise it. Always invest on your PSU, it protects your computer which is more expensive than the PSU. Also, capacitors 99% of the time don’t blow up by themselves. You might want to install a UPS or straight up a Voltage Regulator to prevent future accidents.

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It's a gigabyte issue I have had 3 gigabyte motherboards do this and frankly they are not worth going through the warranty process as I have done it and ended up poor repairs with bridged solder solder joints on controller chips. I switched to msi no further problems on all 3 of my computers running the same amd processors exc. Gigaby

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Hi William, Just to let you know I have been using Gigabyte mainboards and other brands for many years. Never have had the problem you mentioned. Returned one GB board following the procedure they lay out and a good board came back. Oh, and it still works after 8 years.

I'm sorry but am always suspicious when people rubbish a brand of board or hard drive. As a techie consultant for over 30 years I've seen problem with every brand so really can't point a finger at any one. I may prefer the UEFI/BIOS screens in one over another but thats about it.

Kind regards, Mike

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i also had this phenomenom randomly at really annoying times when i put two speakers to my equipment which draw a lot of power. Everything was on one socket, socket distributor. I searched on gutefrage.de and there was one guy also having it with much later equipment: rtx 3090 and brand new pc, so old components could not be it.

So I changed the socket distributor and since I did not have it. Seems like my previous one was not good enough to handle all this *****, i bought it at a discounter and it also seems really *****, if you ask me.

Also, I might add that the computer went a bit slowly before (latency when hitting windows key and latency on programs)and I reinstalled windows and stuff, never thought it could be a power problem.

Well, this changed the game for me. You might try this.

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Im also haveing some sort problem when ever im gameing my pc will hard freeze then my display goes black saying no signal but pc turns at first i was thinking its the oc on the cpu but i left it stock for while and it happend again last night thing is sometimes it can take days or weeks for it to happen but when it does it normally good for few days/weeks till it happens iv let my mb setttings at stock and ram back to stock it only happend when i got new mb from ebay i had to reinstall windows so im thinking maybe its the mb or bad windows install.

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Did you ever fix the problem I'm having the same problem I have constantly taken my PC in for repair and they have replaced the graphics card many times and it's never fixed the problem I don't even have to be gaming and it just crashes and it will never connect back to the monitor but the PC is still on I would love to know if you found a fix

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