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Samsung에서 제조한 Samsung Galaxy Note 5는 (Note5로 불림) 스타일러스를 탑재한 phablet/패블릿 스타일 휴대폰입니다, 2015년 8월 출시.

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Unable to flash official ROM due to FRP block

My phone went into a boot loop and now it boots right into download mode or displays a message saying connect to Samsung switch and do an emergency repair.

Connecting to Samsung switch or kies doesn't work as it does not detect that the phone needs an emergency repair.

This lead me to using Odin and downloading an official ROM from Sammobile. I have made sure to download the correct file however, when flashing with Odin, the process fails at the end with the phone displaying a message saying something about FRP lock.

This is a problem since download mode is the only mode my phone will boot into so even though I know my email and password, I don't get to the screen to enter it.

What are my options in this case? How can I fix the software issue or bypass the FRP lock so that I can fix my issue?

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Have you tried booting into the Recovery Mode ?

  1. Power Off the Galaxy Note 5 (if you cant remove battery then put back on)
  2. Press and Hold the Power Button, Home Button and the Volume Up Button at the Same Time.
  3. Continue Holding These Buttons Until You See Some Blue Text at the Top of the Screen.
  4. When You See the Text 'Recovery Booting', Then You Can Let Go of These Three Buttons.
  5. tried factory resetting your phone

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This won't be possible since I cannot enter recovery mode at all. The device is stuck at the 'Installing System Update' screen and sometimes it goes to 32% and then says No Command with a fallen down android man with a yellow triangle on it.

The button combos to enter recovery mode don't do anything. The only mode accessible is download mode.

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