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Smaller, thinner, quieter model of the Playstation 2 (SCPH-7XXXX) released by Sony in September, 2004.

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What spindle drive motor fits SCPH-79001?

I have purchased two different spindle motors that said they would work, but didn’t. I can put my old one in and it will still spin, but the two new ones will not even spin with a disc in while I press the lid close buttons. I tried the 7000x70000x and one that said it worked for scph-79001, after I found some websites say this will not work. I also tried one that specifically said such-79001. Both ribbons were longer then mine. On my ribbon it has the numbers L15409C. Can you help me know what part I can order?

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Chris Millard  this is where you really depend on the honesty and knowledge of the vendor. We do not know where you bought the ones you got and what exact model those are etc. I would try a different vendor and check with them first before wasting more money. Check with somebody like this and see if they can help. Looks like they may what you need

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