How can I fix my pink dell laptop by myself

My grandma got it at a gauge sale and she take it to work and they said it was fried and I don't know how to fix it

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More information about what is or is not happening with the laptop will help to get better answers.

Does it show that it is charging when the charger is connected and switched on, for example?

Does it turn on?

Does it turn on with the charger connected?

If it does turn on what happens?

What have you tried?

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Hi Jazmine: My first Question is does it power on at all?

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Jazmine Bentley let's start by making sure what model your computer is. You picked the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 so make sure that is what you got. If you are not sure how to figure that out post the numbers from the label that is on your laptop.

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I'm sure these had the dodgy lvds cables more information obviously required lol however I'm sure this model was known for having the cable being pinched and getting distorted images, blank screen etc...

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