My pressure washer valve keeps popping out.

Block Image

The indicated valve keeps popping out when I turn on the water. I assume it is a safety valve . There is a clamp ring around the outer edge of the part. I’ve changed the rubber gasket on the part but it will not stay in.

Update (06/29/2019)

It's a Simoniz 1700

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Does it work? What happens when you press it in?

As soon as the water is turned on, it gets pushed back out. I thought there might be a blockage so I blasted out all the lines with compressed air; still keeps popping out.

But does the machine work?

Yes, it works.


I'm wondering if it is a faulty pressure relief valve.

Looking through all the 1700 PSI series models parts for a replacement valve for the machine gave no results. You may have better luck.

Perhaps you could contact Simonez and ask them if there is a replacement valve available for your model or what the likely cause of the problem is..

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