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Televisions made by the Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL.

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TCL No Backlight, Black Screen, Flashlight Test Good, Menu Sounds Good

I have a 55” TCL Roku TV (55S405TNAA) that was working fine, then the next time it was turned on has no picture. Clicks are audible when adjusting the volume or navigating the menu. Flashlight test does show the menu.

Is this most likely a panel issue or an LED strip issue? If one LED strip goes out does it deactive the rest?

I feel confident and comfortable that I could replace any of the panels.

I do not feel so comfortable about replacing the LED strips after watching a youtube video…hoping its not that.


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Was this issue resolved? What was the outcome?

I have the same issue 55s401, no voltage at the LED out put, connected and disconnected. I have my 12v on the main board connector. Going to order a new one out of a damaged set to try. 1 year and almost a month old TCL wouldn't give me the time of day. Go figure. Any one find out anything please email me. bgt109@gmail.com thank you.

We have the same problem with a 14 month old 55 401 again TCL could not care less about our issue!

mine lasted 16 months ha ha

Mine has same issue..owned about 18 months...live and learn

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I am repair tech. From the troubleshooting you have strong chance you have LEDs bad. This model is easier than most to change LEDs. There is 2 version of LED strips. You will need to use numbers on the strips and/or LCD panel number to get correct parts. Do not order by model number alone. Good luck

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I have a tcl 55 s405 made in march 2018 with same problems. I ordered the total repair kit with all three boards from shop jimmy and that didn't work so now I'm sure it is bad led strip. Hate to spend much more money on it. Did not last 2 years. It appears tcl leds don't last . I won't buy another tcl.

Same here my TCL nade it 16 months and sound but no pucture

Yeah same, not buying this TV again.

Same...55" TCL Samsung 55S405 which is less than 2 years old and black screen. Nothing has worked so buying a Samsung. Right now using my 32" 12 year old Samsung and it is a better picture and sound..

My tcl 32" 18months old

Has everything and work very well But no light what the problems and how to fix it

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Hi Everyone. I am in the same bucket. My TV just hit two years in September. TCL did not give two fux. I was very vocal about it on their FB page so they blocked me from commenting and deleted all negative posts. Luckily I have another (work) account so I was able to confirm their action. I actually reached out to classaction.org website and apparently they referred my email to a law firm. I have not heard back from anyone yet, but if anyone is up for a class action lawsuit, let's do it. We may not get our money back but maybe it'll prevent this trash of a company from selling the disposable tv's and screwing the customers over. At least now I know that apart from 4k and, hdmi etc, a decent warranty should be on the list.

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I have a 65 inch TCL roku TV! I am having the black screen issue! I have had this TV almost 2 years! Absolutely ridiculous! I have a Vizio that I have had for 6 years! Never any issues! Now I am reading all these posts from people with the same issues! SMH! Someone should be held responsible!

gotta second you on this, my 65inch just died yesterday, its like 28 months old (a little under 2.5 years) seems to be the backlight (flashlight check shows it fully functional with sound). I started to take it apart but there are 20 led strips in this bad boy. I'm at the point of either spending 100 dollars on new LEDs and taking it apart hoping I done mess up the massive screen and filters, or paying someone 200-300 bucks to do it :/ Sucks to add this cost to a $1100 investment >_>

Maciej lets do it. These people are scum.

There is this really weird fix for black screen I saw on a youtube video. It fixes problem for many, but not for me. It did make "Roku TV" flash very quickly. Does this mean LEDs not out? Fix consists of the following: Press the following sequence on the remote: Home button - 5 times; Up once; Rewind twice; Fast Forward twice. After you do this wait a minute or two. TV turns itself off, then on, the flashes like it is cycling through a test or something. Then it is supposed to turn itself off and on again. Mine did not turn off the second time, but it worked for many other commenters. video was on WorldOfTech channel, or something like that.

My 45" tcl TV worked for a short period of time then stopped. Did all the troubleshooting and seemed to fix it but eventually went back out...my year warranty was up literally 5 days ago they won't do anything about it. We hardly ever even got the chance to use it now my daughter is out her only birthday present. ? this should be illegal. I'm in on a lawsuit!

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@kzoomarine check your power board first. Test the LED output connector with a voltmeter and let us know what you get. It could be the power board. If it checks out ok…….well I am not going to say it but you know what it most likely will be.

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Ok, so I plugged in and turned on the TV, put the multi-meter to each pin (they’re not labeled), and got 0.0 volts for each one. Turned the TV off and unplugged it, unplugged the LED output connector, turned the plugged the TV back in and turned it on, then again put the multi-meter to each pin…again 0.0.

So it looks like I lucked out and it should just need a new power board, right? Other parts of the board did have 12v and 40ish volts. Is that normal for just the LED connector to go out?

Ordered a new power board, but have the same effects. Not sure what that indicates. Added images to the original post.

@kzoomarine post an image of your complete power board or if you can give us the power board number.

Images of the full board and board number added to the original post. Same voltage results when the led connector is plugged in as when its unplugged (shown in the image).

Ken, did you figure it out? I have the same tv and same issue. Thanks

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So, my 65” tcl Roku just went black. It has sound but the display not showing. Had it 25 months. When using the flash light I can see the display faintly. So is this a backlight inverter/ led problem,or something else? Haven’t had a chance to see look at the model number yet but where can I get the replacement parts from. Of course it’s sad but I Love working on stuff like this in my spare time. Any help will do. Tried the resetting mode thing and replaced both the hdmi and power cord already and it didn’t help. Tv will flash good picture for a fraction of a second then go back black. Thanks

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TCLs are known for bad LEDs. I had a 55 inch that quit at year two. Has sound and picture (you can see it using a flashlight), but no backlight LEDs to be able to see the picture. The lights turn on for one second when tv powers up and you can see which LED is bad, then it goes dark.

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