Why is freshly ground coffee going all over inside machine and out?

My Saeco Vienna Plus, model SUP018m is still brewing coffee fine, but it is also spewing freshly ground coffee inside and outside of the machine - a lot of them. I took it for repair to a local guy and he couldn’t fix it, (but still charged me $150!) He thought the grinder mechanism might be cracked. Someone else I talked to wondered if it might be something wrong with the coffee doser or the chute leading from the grinder to the brew group. I would really be grateful if anyone could help me understand what is wrong and how to fix it. I am pretty handy and really don’t want to spend any more money on fixing this than need be. Thanks for your help.

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Not at all familiar with your unit but you might want to have a look at the following to maybe get some disassembly or other ideas.

Saeco Vienna Sup 018 Reparatur

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Maybe a little late. Perhaps it helps to watch the working grinder using the “test mode" (Google “Saeco Vienna Test Mode") and maybe you must first cheat the microswitches of the door and the brewing unit.


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