Black screen, battery indicator not working? Please help

I have 15” MacBook Pro mid 2012 i7

I open my MacBook Pro the fan is on and the keyboard is have light on but the screen is black. I went to a technician who repairs MacBook Pro’s.

He turned on the MacBook Pro the fan turns on, next he plugged the VGA cable to external monitor and it worked!

So he checked the LCD connector the 4 right wires burn so he try to fix it, but the LCD screen still black screen. The technician forgot the battery is plug in the logic board.

When he plug the LCD connector the system is not open and the charger not work and also the battery indicator not work also.

So he try to unplug the battery indicator in the logic board then its turn on and the charger turn into green light. but when he try to plug again the battery indicator its not work again and the LCD screen still black screen.

Please help me ..

Thank you and God bless

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Where do you live? I think you'll need to find someone else who has the skills to fix your system, clearly this techs skills where not up to the task or your logic board has more damage here.

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