Changed battery, battery works fine except no hey Siri now.

During disassembly I broke the home button cable. So I removed the screen and home button assembly from a bricked 5S and installed on the SE. Everything works fine except the security finger print which is fine, but trying to figure out why now Hey Siri doesn’t work. When you go to settings and go through the calibrate your voice the phone doesn’t hear your voice. All other functions work on the phone. I plan on getting a new home button soon and put the original screen back on. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

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Does the microphone work for other things like phone calls.

Yes the microphone works for calls, calls using the speaker phone also. I tried using the speakerphone for speak to txt in the text app and it doesn’t hear you. I used the microphone button in the txt screen to do this and it didn’t work that way.

I was able to use the micro phone on the headphones today to make Sri work. But speaking Hey Siri to the phone does not. What would cause this?

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